(The best) Glass of wine

A friend was leaving Dresden, her exchange was over. I opened a bottle of wine to salute this moment. Hence we didn’t drink the entire bottle, I put it in the fridge.

Others friends would leave Dresden, we would celebrate it too. And indeed we did, but nothing was like used to be. The city changed completely, I lost my friends, the extremely cold winter was in the corner, I was lost. I could write a complete saga about how much the city changed for the winter (and how it affected me), but not now, this is about my friends not about the sweet city of Dresden.

A few time has gone since their departure and I open my fridge.

I forgot the bottle of red wine. One night I desired to drink it. It was the best wine of my life. Not only by the drink itself (a very good Spanish), but the memories it turned into me. A flood of feelings and so. Somehow I knew I let memories in Russia, in Portugal, in many Brazilian states, in Japan, in Chile, in Germany. This feeling, of being remembered in various and different places, is nice, is a victory of life. Ok, it may sound like a self-help book, but people who have friends, in the strictest sense of the word, may know what I’m talking about.


Many calendar’s pages have been changed since last time I touched this text, now I’m in Brazil, my homeland and I really don’t know what to add more here, maybe I don’t want to add.

This might work as an obelisk. Not supposed to do anything, just stay and stand here; one simple object to remember those times of summer, happiness and wine.


The wine was a Murviedro Tinto Reserva. For me the Iberian wines are the best. The variants of the grapes there is better and more intense than any other. I could drink talk about the marvels from Rioja and Douro Valley (oh Tempranillo/Tinta Roriz), but not now, this is about my friends not about the sweet wine from Europe.



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