Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

A magic city in magic time – living abroad for a long time is a wonderful and unique opportunity to better understand not my host country but me and my own place.


Carnival is for sure the most famous “event” from Brazil; and Rio’s one for sure is the best known – not only because it’s the biggest, probably the best, the one in Marvelous City, but because it’s magic, yes, magic!

I never was a carnival alike guy, never liked the extremely crowded parades, however there’s a carnival I do like.

It is well described in the video. The simple carnival with simples costumes, old songs (in Portuguese ‘marchinhas‘), happy people, people who dare to struggle the whole year, but they need a rest, they need and deserve this 4-day rest. We all do. When I was a kid, my favorite trick was throw confetti in everybody according to the beat of the marchinha. In the end of night, i.e. ~11pm for me, the songs were slow and kinda sad, my confetti’s bag was almost empty, time to mom pick me to bed. I still had three more days.

Definitely carnival is the Brazilian time. Like Oktoberfest in Deutschland. Nowadays carnival is similar to a company, Carnival S.A. (Brazilian people love saying “carnival time is alienation time, waste of money and time bla bla bla”, maybe they are right, but it’s not my point here). The old-fashioned pre-Lent time is the best, without any exception or fallaciousness perception, representation of Brazilian society.

Mixed people, all sort of colors, costumes, accents, wealth and nationalities. Far from the luxury of Samba Schools, the popular parades try to rediscover our traditions. One of the most traditional blocos (Portuguese for ‘carnival parades’) is Cordão do Bola Pedra, last year gathered 1,5+ million people, too much people for its original purposes… still.

I wont describe the structures, the colors, the way people dance, the smiles. These are just stereotypes, go there and see. Germans are not only potato, Americans aren’t only obesity. Travel and see. Travel and grab a chance to throw confetti and serpentine in someone else. Join the carnival, no more tardiness. Because please, believe me, very few things in life are better than after the great party go to a Café nearby the beach. And rest and live.

Wednesday is just in the corner…


In general I really dislike long films from Brazil, but the short films are often good. This one is a piece of cake.

At least for me. In North Hemisphere is common the expression ‘summer love’, in Brazil we have ‘carnival love’. This short talks a bit about it, there are a long list of marchinhas singing this kind of love; I had one summer love, that could perfect fit in any Cordão do Bola Petra ou do Boitatá ou na Marquês de Sapucaí.

No youtube nor vimeo link, so here you go.


The 4-days are just extraordinary nights in the city. There is a music (a poem from Murilo Mendes and sound from Moacyr Luz) called “night at the city of Saint Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro” so cheerful. Rio is a magic and a wonderful city. The city of one thousand hugs!

Noite da cidade de São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro tão gostosa.
Que os estadistas europeus lamentam ter conhecido tão tarde.

Tudo perde o equilíbrio nesta noite,
as estrelas não são mais constelações célebres,
são lamparinas com ares domingueiros.


Ich weiß wirklich nicht, weil ich auf Englisch schrieb. Fare il blog internazionale?


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